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Digitale Semesterausstellung auf Dezeen

Studium · TU Dresden · 17. Juli 2020 · Tina Bobbe ·

Auf ein digitales Semester, folgt eine digitale Ausstellung. Wir sind stolz Teil des Virtual Design Festivals auf Dezeen – ein Online-Magazin über Architektur und Design – zu sein und wollen  die Entwürfe der Studierenden auch hier teilen.

Zwei der vorgestellten Entwürfe wurden in Kooperation mit Kärcher entwickelt. Die vielen weiteren Ergebnisse aus dieser Kooperation verbleiben bis auf Weiteres unter Geheimhaltung.

Ein weiteres Projekt, welches wir zum ersten Mal vorstellen dürfen ist das TracePen Designkonzept, welches Paul Judt im Rahmen seiner Diplomarbeit mit dem Dresdener Startup Wandelbots entwickelte. Damals noch Werkstudent (und damit erster Angestellte des Unternehmens) wurde er nach der Diplomarbeit als Produkt- und Interaktionsdesigner übernommen. Der TracePen wurde inzwischen gelauncht. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Paul!

Los geht’s mit einem Entwurf für das Internet der Fähigkeiten, um effizienter Surfen zu lernen.

Wave by Jessica Janik

„Imagine a device that could help you learn basically any skill you wanted – such as surfing. Specifically developed as a training aid for professional surfers, Wave combines a sensor-equipped board with a vibratory-feedback wristband.

„While the board-embedded technology assesses the surfer’s every movement, the wearable provides real-time haptic feedback on the detected errors. In an integrated app, the athlete receives additional visual cues and extensive motion analysis to guide them towards a perfected motion-sequence.

„This holistic system allows for an enhanced adaption to training stimulus and, consequently, a much quicker learning progress.“


Cleaning Exo by Stefan Teubner

„Cleaning Exo is an exoskeleton vision supporting elderly homeowners in facade cleaning. The exoskeleton assists the musculoskeletal system of the user’s arm by means of active, intelligent-controlled motors, since the process of facade cleaning can be quite exhausting.

„I analysed future trends, technologies and challenges with the aim to improve today’s high-pressure cleaner. In collaboration with Kärcher, a leading producer of cleaning equipment, I identified the most promising solution.

„The resulting exoskeleton consists of a backpack acting as a hub with a pressure pump, a cleaning agent container and the water supply connection, as well as the one-sided arm exoskeleton.“


Feldschwarm Grassland Module by Felix Schmitt

„Agricultural vehicles keep increasing in size to reach the highest possible efficiency, which causes severe compression of soil. Feldschwarm Grassland Module aims to solve this issue by making smaller individual machines that drive autonomously whilst working together as a swarm.

„The modular setup of each machine enables an adaption to different scenarios in an agricultural environment. This requires specific design of the tool-carrying frame for the scenario of grassland-farming. As part of the Feldschwarm concept, a single tool frame module can be used for all process-steps of mowing, swathing, turning and transporting the grass.“


Design Concept for TracePen by Paul Judt

„Flexibility and speed are playing an increasingly important role in global production. Especially industrial robots will have to be able to switch easily and cost-effectively from one application to the next. The simplicity of programming is becoming a decisive factor for modern production.

„The TracePen is designed for Wandelbots and can be a solution for this challenge. It is a 3D Tracking Device that captures human motion, which can be transferred to the robot. With this demonstration-based approach, it is possible for anyone to teach a robot to perform a task within minutes – without needing any programming knowledge.“


Laro by Simon Schmitt

„Laro is an outdoor surface cleaning concept with the aim to run the cleaning process in a more sustainable way. Cleaning units – ensembled in an adaptive swarm system – autonomously clean pre-defined areas with laser technology instead of water.

„In collaboration with Kärcher, a leading producer of cleaning equipment, I developed an autonomous robot, which is able to climb vertical walls by a gecko principle inspired tire material. Through an app, the customer can first scan the surfaces and then configure the system. Afterwards, an autonomous transporter conveys the swarm – with the right amount of LARO robots – automatically to the desired location and the swarm starts cleaning.“


Trace by Lenard Opeskin

„Urbanisation and the densification of inner cities are likely to result in more and more financially disadvantaged people being forced into urban peripheral areas or rural regions. In these structurally weak areas, there is a high dependency on motorised individual transport. Combined with physical limitations in old age, resulting in a loss of driving ability, this often strongly limits personal mobility.

„Fully automated vehicles will allow for cost-effective and flexible mobility concepts in these regions in particular. Therefore, an age-appropriate ride-sharing interior, accommodating up to four people regardless of their physical limitations, was designed.“


AidBoards Table by Michael Zinn

„The AidBoards Table is a medical operating table that addresses the special circumstances of disaster response. The demand for rapid availability in the sense of short-term production at low cost, alternative transport routes and an uncomplicated assembly at the place of use result in a minimalist design based on heavy-duty corrugated board.

„The AidBoards Table is reduced to the essential functions of surgical tables and is quickly ready for use thanks to a simple plug-in mechanism. After use, the product can be submitted to the wastepaper cycle or, if necessary, composted or burned.“


Haptikos by Yichen Fan

„While computer and robotic support have been introduced into operating rooms over the last decade, the outcome of laparoscopic surgery remains largely dependent on the individual expertise of the surgeon.

„Haptikos explores the possibility to improve laparoscopic surgical training processes, their clinical surgery performance and ultimately raise patient benefit using novel actuation technologies. The prototype utilises a pneumatic driven inflatable silicone ring to generate tactile feedback at the fingertips.

„This way it is possible to simulate haptic senses such as the pulsation of invisible blood vessels, organ hardness and tissue texture and thus improve the usability of laparoscopic grasper instruments.“


Modular Commuter Seats by Clemens Beyerlein

„This project comprises a modular seating concept for public transportation in commuter railway services. The intention was to develop a seating concept in the context of future multimodal transportation and individual mobility.

„Therefore, the user is guided through a digital HMI-setup, which combines the user’s preferences and abilities with an optimal transportation route optimised seat. This user-centred approach covers different travelling scenarios and combines them with seating zones like quick travelling, lounges or working zones. The models were developed in a special parametric framework to align and justify any following dimensioning of the interior.“


Lightweight Elevator Car by Tobias Zerger

„Due to the global trend of urbanisation, elevators as technical systems for people’s mobility inside buildings are becoming more significant and in demand. This concept of an elevator car distinguishes itself due to its modular and lightweight design. The use of fibre-reinforced composites reduces the weight of the car and the involved energy consumption of the system.

„The interior design has a big impact on the user experience since a considerable number of people still feel unsafe in elevators. In this project, the use of UX methods helped to develop an interior design that displays a safe and simultaneously open-space atmosphere.“

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