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Gleich zwei iF Design Awards für das Technische Design

Kooperation · TU Dresden · 16. April 2021 · Tina Bobbe ·
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Für das Team des Technischen Designs und unseren Partner Ottobock Industrials gibt es doppelten Grund zur Freude.

Die Exoskelette Paexo Back und Paexo Neck haben den iF Design Award 2021 in der Kategorie Produktdesign gewonnen. Die Exos sind gute Beispiele dafür wie universitäre Forschung mit Industrieprojekten erfolgreich verbunden werden kann.

Paexo Back – Workplace Exoskeleton

„Manual lifting of heavy loads is one of the most common causes of injuries in the workplace. The exoskeleton Paexo Back relives up to 25 kg stress on the lower back during lifting movements. Paexo Back takes the load off the shoulder and transfers it to the thighs. The core of the design is a purely mechanical control at hip level, a technological world first, which automatically switches off when walking and adjusts to different work steps. Paexo Back is as powerful as an exoskeleton with a power unit, though it is extremely light, easy to use, ensures full freedom of movement, and high-wearing comfort for men and women.“

Paexo Neck – Exoskeleton Workgear

„People who perform manual work above the shoulder often experience a great deal of strain in the neck region or even suffer from various work-related disorders. The exoskeleton Paexo Neck provides relief and support during all kinds of overhead work, such as installing ceilings and automotive assembly. This innovative exoskeleton is the first neck support that can be individually adapted to every user through various adjustment options and takes just seconds to put on or take off. The featherweight design makes the Paexo Neck extremely comfortable and provides a very high degree of freedom of movement for the user.“

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