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EU Arbeitspapier zu Design und Innovation

Extern · 27. Juni 2009 · jens.krzy ·
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auch die EU beschäftigt sich inzwischen intensiver mit den Themen Design und Innovation. Das Arbeitspapier mit dem Titel „Design als Treiber nutzerzentrierter Produktentwicklung“ ist ziemlich umfassend und inhaltlich gut aufbereitet. Anschauenswert.

design as a driver of user centred innovation

The Commission Staff Working Document on „Design as a driver of user-centred innovation“ analyses the contribution of design to innovation and competitiveness.
The results are compelling: companies that invest in design tend to be more innovative, more profitable and grow faster than those who do not. At a macro-economic level, there is a strong positive correlation between the use of design and national competitiveness.

Although often associated with aesthetics and the „looks“ of products only, the application of design is in reality much broader. User needs, aspirations and abilities are the starting point and focus of design activities. With a potential to integrate for example environmental, safety and accessibility considerations – in addition to economic – into products, services and systems, design is an area which deserves public attention.

Design as a driver and enabler of innovation complements more traditional innovation activities such as research.

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