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Drawing gives rise to new ideas

Extern · 5. Oktober 2010 · Technisches Design ·
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Große Worte, welche jedoch den Kern treffen. Zeichnen generiert neue Ideen. Ein ausführliches Video zur Bedeutung des Zeichnens beim Entwerfen zeigen uns die Kollegen aus der Architektur. Sehr ausführlich, in vielen Facetten und gespickt mit viel Wahrheit:


While designing something are we influenced by a spoiled line or spoiled patch? Yes we are! This is the case when we sit down and consciously design something and then while doing it the pen slips out of our hands and the spoiled line may lend us to intuition. If we have the gift of insight following the intuition we acquire through spoiling the line the design can take a new direction. Allowing us to avoid everything that we had up to that point regarded as according to the rules and normal, intuition comes into being, as the condensation of experiences. That it’s not at all sure if we will be intuitive, if we design without experience and according to just logic and the rules. Intuition helps us to shape our design in a way that we had previously not imagined because we believed we knew everything about our lines, although it turned out not to be so: we know nothing.

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