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Spanish artist meets Center for Industrial Design

TU Dresden · 2. Mai 2013 · Technisches Design ·
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Hello. My name is Alfonso Buendía and I am an artist and an illustrator. I was born in Ibros (Spain) in 1983.

Since I was a child, I always liked drawing. So, when I finished school, I studied in Gaspar Becerra art School in Baeza and later in Fine Arts Faculty in Sevilla University, where I got the specialities of Painting and Conservation-Restoration. I had great teachers such as Cath. Dr. D. José Antonio García Ruiz, Prof. Dr. D. Juan Antonio Huguet Pretel and others.

Once my studies were finished I specialized in Illustration doing Professional Illustration Techniques course at CEA. This course had some of the best Andalusian illustrators between its teachers, like Alejandro Rojas or Abel Ippolito.

My work has been recognized with the XL Andalusian Painting Award in Ubrique (Spain) and the British Institute Award in the LX Autumn Exhibition in the Royal Fine Arts Academy of Seville.


Nowadays I work on my PHD, collaborate at University as Honour Assistant and work as a freelance in illustration, painting, design and restoration projects. You can see some of my work visiting

Last February I came to Dresden with a grant of Hercules IV Project which is within Leonardo da Vinci schedule and allows us to have a twelve weeks internship in a European company or organization.

I was lucky and have the great opportunity to come into Technische Universität Dresden to have my internship with Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Krzywinski, in Fakultät Maschinenwesen.

Now we are developing a few projects where my artistic competences may be useful. And, in return, they are giving me the chance of learning new tools for my futures works back in Spain.

I hope this experience to be a good profit for me and for my colleagues here. And a start point for new and interesting projects in the future.


– Alfonso Buendía –

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