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non object — aber cooles und konsequentes design

Extern · 3. Oktober 2009 · jens.krzy ·
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nonobject – spannendes und zugleich cooles Design-Beratungs-Büro aus Palo Alto was sicherlich mal einen Blick wert ist.

Das Buch zum Thema gibt es auch, leider aber erst im nächsten Jahr – da ist es gut, dass wir schon Oktober haben.

Nonobject Design Fiction Book: To Be Published by MIT Press 2010
The principal objective of the book is to stimulate thought: What is an object?

Why do we desire what we desire? Why has „functionality“ been defined in such a historically narrow way? What is beauty?

Nonobject is an attempt to free the imagination by disengaging it from the constraints of utility, economy and technology.

Written over a period of four years by an expert team under Branko Lukic’s leadership, this book is packed with lots of revolutionary material that explores the new world of design innovation, the future of product experiences, and the relationship between the consumer and the product/environment.

This book will be the first of its kind; the first of the new genre we define as Design Fiction.

The Nonobject Design Fiction Book explores unconstrained design within the limits and practice of design as we have known it up to now.

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