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Design Blueprint to Improve Professional Standards and Education

Extern · 13. Mai 2009 · jens.krzy ·
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Design Blueprint ist keine Blaupause sondern vielmehr recht ambitionierter Plan die Designausbildung sehr strukturiert mit der Designpraxis zu verzahnen um bedeutend professionellere Designer aus- und weiterbilden zu können.
Kommt wiedermal aus England vom Britischen Design Council würde aber unserer Ausbildung erst recht gut zu Gesicht stehen! Viel Spaß beim Lesen, weiterbilden, verbessern und Initiative ergreifen.
Designers will be able to access a range of professional tools, information and advice as part of a far-reaching plan published today, which aims to improve professional skills and career development and better prepare design students for the challenges they face when entering the industry.

The „Design Blueprint“ has been developed as an action plan for the recommendations first set out in the High Level Skills for Higher Value report published last year.

This report identified the need for designers to have access to better professional information services and advice on continuing professional development.

It also recognised that design students must be better prepared for the rapidly evolving challenges of the industry.

The Blueprint sets out a clear roadmap for bridging these gaps, with the central action being for an alliance of industry and education that will work with partners to deliver a comprehensive programme of strategic products and services for design professionals.

Jonathan Sands, Chairman of the Design Skills Advisory Panel, said: ‚This plan is a powerful and realistic strategy for improving our world-leading, globally celebrated design industry. To stay in that position, we need to support and roll out this Blueprint to ensure we have the skills to compete in the face of international competition and other countries‘ heavy investment in skills and education“.

Design Blueprint is available online at:

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