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DD4D: Data Designed for Decisions 18-20 Juni Paris

Extern · 13. Mai 2009 · jens.krzy ·
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Klingt nach einer ziemlich spannenden Konferenz, wenn einen das Design komplexer Informationen interessiert.
The aim of the Data Designed for Decisions conference is to explore how people interact with (statistical) data.

Data is collected for all areas of life – the question is; how can it be used effectively?

How can data help people understand, and how does understanding help people to take action?

„DD4D provides a unique opportunity to advance the use of statistics for planning and policymaking through an innovative dialogue involving data collectors and analysts, information scientists and graphic artists, and thought leaders from around the world,“ commented Pamela Ebert-Flattau, IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute, Speaker at DD4D.

This is a conference for intermediaries between data, knowledge and empowerment.

It will investigate the selection, visualisation, interpretation and communication of data, and how it can be effectively used.

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