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Summer School – The Presentation

21. Oktober 2013 ·

Ok, here comes the late summary of our Summer School week – I had to catch up on a lot of sleep 😉 Thursday was all about getting ready for the final presentation. Is everything logical, are there any gaps, how to visualize your Idea? What a mess we all were on Friday, the effort […]

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Summer School 2013 – Creation Phase

16. Oktober 2013 ·

So we reached the middle of the week, only two more days left to get as far as we can in our workshop Summer School 2013. What have we done so far? And what is there to come? After getting to know each other at the vernissage on Sunday evening, we visited the Damascus Room […]

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Summer School 2013 – Experiencing the Dresden Damascus Room

15. Oktober 2013 ·

The second day of our workshop week was a very special one. Not only could we see the Dresden Damascus Room we all had been longing to visit, we were even allowed to sit in it, drink a cup of special damascene coffee spiced with cardamom along with some genuine arabic treats, what a feast! […]

Forschung · TU Dresden

Summer School 2013 – The Dresden Damascus Room

14. Oktober 2013 ·

„The Dresden Damascus Room – the right object at the wrong time and place“ is the title of the 2013 Summer School. The international and interdisciplinary cooperation aims at putting the recently uncovered and restaurated Dresden Damascus Room exhibited at the Japanisches Palais in Dresden in a certain context, enabling the visitors to experience it […]

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