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Summer School 2013 – The Dresden Damascus Room

Forschung · TU Dresden · 14. Oktober 2013 · Technisches Design ·
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„The Dresden Damascus Room – the right object at the wrong time and place“ is the title of the 2013 Summer School. The international and interdisciplinary cooperation aims at putting the recently uncovered and restaurated Dresden Damascus Room exhibited at the Japanisches Palais in Dresden in a certain context, enabling the visitors to experience it in „the right time and place“. Tackling this task, 12 Students from different fields and cultural backgrounds combine creative forces and knowhow:  School of Architecture, Art & Design, American University in Dubai / Chair of Media Design, TU Dresden / Center for Industrial Design, TU Dresden / Junior Professorship for Knowledge Architecture, TU Dresden and of course the Dresden State Art Collections who present the collector’s item from the Ottoman Empire of the 19th Century.

We’re really happy to Welcome our guest students from the American University in Dubai staying for the week as well as the more permanent international participants from Chech Republic, Russia and India. During yesterdays vernissage, we had the possibility to watch the participating faculties of Dresden University of Technology presenting projects they are currently working on and by this means getting to know each other through testing and experiencing, asking and explaining.

The blog will work as a visual diary during this week, along with the normal blog posts, in order to keep everyone updated on the project who’s interested in it. Today’s brainstorming and experiencing event and more information on the Damascus Room itself will be updated tomorrow – stay tuned!

Here are some impressions of yesterday’s very beautiful autumn day and vernissage:


The Three Guests – The Three Green Blobs 😉 Our guests from Dubai left to right: Gabriela, Amna and Michelle


Autumn showing off its colors


Michelle and Amna preparing buffet


The informatics building and its strong visual appearance


Franziska being a perfect autumn colour fit while having a walk with the guests and exploring the Campusimg_4005




Waiting for the presentations


Technical Design presenting at the vernissage


Knowledge Architecture


Guys from Media Design prepairing their installations…

…and presenting!


Touch and haptic cotrol on this cloth table, amazing!

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