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Design Thinking Workshop “Solve for Tomorrow: Tech for Your Future”

Kooperation · Studium · TU Dresden · 15. Juni 2021 · Tina Bobbe ·
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The past year has confronted us with new challenges that we could not have imagined before, forcing us to ask the most important question: how do we envision our future? We need new ideas and modern technologies to find answers around the topics of


How can your idea protect the environment?


How can you use technology for healthy living?


How do you envision the future of education, where everyone has equal opportunities?

and Social inclusion

What is your idea for addressing social isolation and to ensure social inclusion?

New challenges require new ways of working and thinking, therefore as part of the global program “Solve for Tomorrow” Samsung Electronics and Ekipa invite you to a Design Thinking Workshop at the TU Dresden, where sustainable ideas will be developed and elaborated under the motto „Tech for Your Future“. Show us how you want to improve your future with modern technology!

Together with Ekipa, Samsung Electronics is hosting the „Solve for Tomorrow“ challenge, which aims to enhance digital skills and entrepreneurship and brings ideas to life all the way to the first prototype.

In the digital three-hour workshop, you will receive a brief introduction to the Design Thinking process. You will get to know the method better by applying it directly in the team to work together on solutions for our future. You will be guided and accompanied through all steps by the Ekipa coaches:

Empathize: understanding and observing

Ideate: generate ideas

Prototype: create a prototype

Pitch: presentation of the results

You will not only gain an insight into the dynamic working method of Design Thinking, which has become a widespread method for the development of innovations in the business world. Following this, you will have the opportunity to submit your idea to the Samsung “Solve for Tomorrow Challenge” to further develop and bring it to life.

When: 24.06.2021

Where: digital event using Zoom and Mural

Who: Students interested in founding their own business

Language: English or German, both possible


Apply now until the 22nd of June!

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