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Business Secrets for Designers

Extern · Studium · 16. Juli 2009 · jens.krzy ·


Die Bibliothek hilft auch beim geschäftlichen weiter. Mit Business Secrets for Designers haben wir jetzt auch ein businessorientiertes Handbuch für angehende Designer im Haus. Dazu gibt es noch eine Webseite mit einem Bonuskapitel.

This comprehensive guide includes everything designers need — besides talent — to turn their artistic success into business success. You’ll find information on key issues facing designers from freelancing to the management of established design firms. A strong visual focus and to-the-point text take the fear factor out of learning about thorny business realities like staffing, marketing, bookkeeping, intellectual property, and more. These smart business practices are essential to success in graphic, Web, and industrial design.

“Perkins’ book should be required reading for any designer who would like to turn their design degree into a paycheck.”
Robert Blinn
Core 77

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