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More Collaboration Between Engineers and Industrial Designers Needed

Extern · 30. November 2011 · jens.krzy ·
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Gus Desbarats dem Vorsitzenden von British Design Innovation (BDI) können wir uns in seiner öffentlichen Aufforderung für eine stärkere Kollaboration von Ingenieuren und Designern nur anschließen. Und das nicht nur für die Wirtschaft in Großbritannien sonder auch für uns hier in Deutschland.

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Gus Desbarats stated that building a stronger knowledge-sharing alliance between Industrial Designers and engineers would establish a „great leap forward“ in developing and commercialising new innovations, intellectual property and technology transfer within the UK. „Working together would lead to increased sales, stronger brands and more successful companies.“

„Championing UK technology needs to be balanced by the insight that companies like Apple and BMW have complemented their technological engineering design with significant investment in Industrial Design to become ‚customer experience‘ leaders,“ Desbarats said, adding that UK Plc needs an industrial strategy that also recognises the critical role of Industrial Designers as experts in the human behaviour which ultimately determines the commercial return on most investments in technological innovation.

„There is a mutual lack of acknowledgement on the part of both the design and engineering industries of what the other contributes to the UK economy,“ he said. „Instead, each sector places itself in a separate box, rarely collaborating – and indeed, barely communicating.“

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