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Call: SDN Conference 2010 „Negotiating Futures – Design Fiction“

Extern · 29. März 2010 · Christian Wölfel ·
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Die wissenschaftliche Konferenz des Swiss Design Network wird vom 28.–30. Oktober 2010 in Basel stattfinden. Bis zum 2. Mai 2010 können Kurzfassungen eingereicht werden. Mehr Infos unter:

Designers see the world not simply as it is, but rather as it could be. In this perspective, the world is a laboratory to explore the contingency of the existing and the thinking in options. Imaginations of the contra factual are a key source for the creation of alternative political, technological, social, or economic constellations of artefacts, interfaces, signs, actors, and spaces. At the same time, strategies of materialization are pivotal to shift the boundary between the fictional and the real and to finally bring possible new realities into being. The conference addresses the questions of how fictions are designed and how the multiplicity of possible new futures is negotiated and realized.

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