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Building Design Strategy: Using Design to Achieve Key Business Objectives

Extern · 14. März 2009 · jens.krzy ·

klingt recht vielversprechend. Und beleuchtet was am Ende tatsächlich für industrielle Kunden rauskommen kann. Wer es als erster gelesen hat möge sich bitte mal melden.

By Thomas Lockwood and Thomas Walton

Copublished by DMI & Allworth Press, 2008, 226 pages.


Building Design Strategy offers innovative insights on using design as a strategic resource. Editors Thomas Lockwood and Thomas Walton of DMI have gathered wisdom from more than 25 international experts, including CEOs and presidents of major design firms, brand managers, and professors of design. In Building Design Strategy, this first-hand knowledge is combined with fascinating case studies of corporations such as Procter & Gamble, Caterpillar, Microsoft and Target to present the role of design as it relates to corporate strategy. This compelling blend of theory and practice explores the different types of design and the benefits of implementing strategy in design, including:

  • improving innovation success
  • enabling corporate strategy
  • improving return on investment
  • improving usability and sustainability
  • increasing customer delight
  • improving development processes
  • entering new markets
  • building brand image
  • learning to see the big picture

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