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Extern · 20. Oktober 2009 · Christian Wölfel ·
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Am 16. November findet in Berlin eine interessante Veranstaltung des Design Research Network statt:

At Steering Courses & Discourses, DRNetwork will gather 5 promising design postdocs to envision the future of Interaction Design, Design Management & Material Research.

When: November 16th, 2009
Where: Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin
Auditorium 3, 20th Floor



15:00_(In)Forming Interaction Design Research
Dr. Ramia Mazé, Interactive Institute, Sweden

15:45_The Phenomenology of Getting Used to the New:
some thoughts on memory, forgetting, numbing and the Zen view

Dr. Michael Hohl, Germany


16:45_Innovation Theory Applied: in search of design’s
evolutionary cycle

Dr. Ana Margarida Ferreira, Unidcom/IADE, Portugal

17:30_Product Design Management in the
Small Company Environment

Dr. Andrew T. Walters, University of Wales Institute, UK


18:30_The Significance of Creative Professional for Material
Based Innovation Process: from technological push to creative pull

Dr. Sascha Peters, Germany

19:15_Round Table

Free Admission
Partners: Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Design Research Lab

Mehr Informationen gibt es hier.

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